Buckingham Browne and Nichols School, Cambridge, MA

Temple Israel, Boston, MA

The DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

The Museum of Motherhood

Beaver Country Day School, Chestnut Hill, MA

Storefront Library, Chinatown, MA
The Gardner Museum (two day installation), Boston, MA

Arsenal Center for the Arts, Watertwon, MA

and more...


”This lab has inspired me to draw more freely, and emotionally and also to find inspiration in others’ artwork.” BBN High School Student

”I always felt incredible fear when someone asked me to draw something but after reading and doing the Drawing Mind I have a new found confidence in my drawing ability. I feel like I am using my Drawing Mind for the first time.” —Adult student

“If I wanted to draw, I’d like to have Deborah Putnoi by my side. Now, thanks to her evocative and crystal clear book, all readers can have this opportunity.”—Howard Gardner, Author

“Deborah Putnoi is a brilliant artist and teacher. In this completely original, accessible, and beautiful book, she welcomes us into her artist’s world and shares her magic with anyone willing to make a mark. I want copies of this wonderful book for my family, friends, and students so that they can all experience firsthand the power and pleasure of making sense through drawing. Brava.” —Jessica Hoffmann Davis, EdD, educator and author of Why Our Schools Need the Arts and Why Our High Schools Need the Arts

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